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Kaspersky Software Updater Beta 1.5

Simple free utility to keep all the programs on your computer up to date
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Outdated apps not only lack all the new features and functionality of their latest updates, they are also less protected against possible security breaches than their newest versions. Kaspersky Software Updater Beta can scan your system in seconds and detect all of those programs installed on your computer that are out of date, download the newest version available, and install it for you in just a few clicks.

This free utility offers you two types of scan processes – a quick scan and a full scan. The former will focus on those software tools that are considered critical to your computer’s security, while the latter will check all of the applications installed. All those with a newer version available will be listed in the program’s main panel, allowing you to select which you would like Kaspersky Software Updater to bring up to date for you. If a license agreement is available for any of those outdated apps, you will be offered a link to it, in case you are interested in reading it before updating the program. The updating process will locate, download, and install for you all the latest versions of the selected programs.

Once all your apps are updated, you may want to schedule the forthcoming scans. The program allows you to set the type of scan, the frequency (every day, weekday, weekend, week, month, or manually), and even a specific time of the day to launch the next scan processes.

Kaspersky makes use of its vast experience when it comes to viruses, security breaches, and privacy attacks to provide a straightforward and reliable free tool to help you keep all your valuable apps up to date. Effective as it is, this new program is still in beta, which makes us expect great things and probably much more functionality in future versions.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Straightforward and simple functionality
  • Performs both quick and full scans
  • Downloads and installs the new versions for you
  • Manual selection of programs to update


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